About Wi-Py

Wi-Py is an online payments service designed for mobile phones and tablets. 
Wi-Py serves both Personal and Merchant users, offering a range of secure payment services.
Free-of-Charge! Personal users pay no fees
  Most people hate paying fees. Wi-Py provides several Zero-Fee deposit method options, and all payments are free of charge!

Merchants & Sellers pay an extremely LOW Fee
Those who withdraw cash (namely Merchants and Sellers) pay a really LOW 1% min $5 fee.

Credit Card security and convenience
Wi-Py offers the Credit Card option at a 1% min $1 fee to those users who don't mind paying a reasonable convenience fee. But keep in mind that you can avoid paying any fees by using our Zero-Fee methods!

Your data is SAFE here!
Just like any other payments service, Wi-Py makes every effort to ensure that your data, money and transactions are secure. Please review our Security page for details and contact us if you have any concerns.

Our Services:

Wi-Py 'Classic' payment services

  • Making small payments for every day transactions such as paying convenience stores, taxis, any Merchants accepting Wi-Py;
  • Pay for small purchases at pick-up, such as garage sale items, tickets, online shopping via Kjiji, E-Bay;
  • Use 'Escrow' service for online shopping purchases when shipping is necessary; 
  • Collecting small amounts from co-workers to buy a gift, lottery tickets, catering etc.;
  • Splitting a restaurant bill among friends, co-workers.

Wi-Py 'Specialty' services

  • Personal users can now accept credit card payments, like Merchants do! All you need is a Verified User ID.
  • 'CyberCash' - almost Sci-Fi! Make a payment when you don't have any cash, cards, IDs or even a phone with you by telling the Payee a Passcode;
  • Print / E-Mail a quick, personalized E-Gift card;
  • Keep track of small debts; amounts you owe someone or are owed; and use Wi-Py cash to settle.

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