About Wi-Py

Wi-Py is an online payments service designed for smartphones and tablets. 
Wi-Py serves both Personal and Merchant users, offering secure payment services.
'Personal' Users' Benefits

1% CashBack Rewards!
Use your Wi-Py Account instead of a Credit Card to pay a Merchant and receive 1% CashBack!

  We encourage our 'Personal' users to fund their accounts using ZERO Fee methods and avoid costly Credit Card transactions. We all benefit from this!

Free-of-Charge! 'Personal' users pay NO FEES
  All Person -to-Person payments are free of charge. We provide several Zero-Fee deposit method options!
Merchants'  Benefits

Industry LOWEST Merchant Fees!
Wi-Py Merchants could pay Fees as LOW as 1.50% **.
Our standard rate is 2.75%, also a very competitive alternative to PayPal or any other service!

** Low, Low, Low Merchant Rate of 1.5%

Merchants can lower their withdrawal rates even further by encouraging their Customers to use Wi-Py Payments instead of Credit Cards. We make it easy for them by offering the CashBack Rewards (see above)!

Split Credit Card Fees with your Customers!
We allow Merchants to split with their customers Credit Card Transaction Fees, in part or in full!
Example: as Merchant you can choose to cover 1% of the Standard Fee and let the Customer cover 1.75%;
In full:  0% Merchant, 2.75% Customer!
(This way Customers may be encouraged to use Wi-Py payments instead, which benefits everyone. The more we use ZERO Fee methods, the less Fees we all together pay to the Credit Card companies!)

For more information see Fees Schedule

Your data is SAFE here!
Just like any other payments service, Wi-Py makes every effort to ensure that your data, money and transactions are secure. Please review our Security page for details and contact us if you have any concerns.


Our Services:

Wi-Py 'Classic' payment services

  • Making small payments for every day transactions such as paying convenience stores, taxis.. any Merchants accepting Wi-Py;
  • Pay for small purchases at pick-up, such as garage sale items, tickets, online shopping via Kjiji, E-Bay;
  • Use 'Escrow' service for online shopping purchases when shipping is necessary; 
  • Collecting small amounts from co-workers to buy a gift, lottery tickets, catering etc.;
  • Splitting a restaurant bill among friends, co-workers.

Wi-Py 'Specialty' services

  • Virtually anyone can now accept credit card payments! All you need is a Merchant Account.
  • 'CyberCash' - better than BitCoin! Make a payment when you don't have any cash, cards, IDs or even a phone with you just by telling the Payee the secret code of a CyberCash Bill:
  • Print / E-Mail a quick, personalized E-Gift card;
  • IOU: Keep track of small debts; amounts you owe someone or are owed; plus easy use of Wi-Py cash to settle such debts :)

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