We know that nobody likes to pay banking fees! Wi-Py was designed to use deposit methods that minimize administrative costs so we can offer mostly Zero-Fee processing services.

Given that any Wi-Py payments are free, if you follow the 'Tips and Tricks' (bottom of page) to avoid deposit and withdrawal fees, you will never pay a penny in fees!
Fee Schedule for Individual Users
Use Zero-Fee methods to fund your account and use all your cash within Wi-Py, and you will never pay fees!

        0% -  Payments between any Wi-Py Accounts
        0% -  Funding Account via Mail-In Cheque,
                 Bank Deposit, Interac E-Transfer
        0% -  Escrow, IOU, CyberCash and E-Gift
                 Wi-Py specialty services free of charge

        1% -  Credit Card funding or payments; min. $1
        1% -  Withdrawal fee, min. $5

FAIR service: Individual users pay no fees whatsoever, unless they choose to pay a credit card convenience fee, or withdraw cash from Wi-Py.

Fee Schedule for Merchants
The smallest Settlement fee in the industry, significantly lower than Paypal or Credit Cards!
        0% -   Incoming payments (including credit cards)
        1% -  Withdrawal / Settlement fee, min. $5
                  Month-end automatic settlement

FAIR service: as 'for-profit' entities, Merchants and Sellers pay a very low withdrawal / settlement fee. The alternatives (Credit Cards, Paypal or any other online payment service) charge much more than 1%.

More information:  DepositsWithdrawals

Avoid Fees: Tips and Tricks

Avoid Deposit Fees!

The easiest, fastest and totally Zero-Fee method of funding your account and taking out cash is to ask a friend, relative or co-worker who uses Wi-Py to transfer funds from their account into yours (or the other way around) in echange for real cash.

Example: Bob gives $20 real cash to Emma who sends $20 from her Wi-Py account into Bob's; done instantly and at Zero-Fee, as the cash stays in Wi-Py.

Anyone can fund or make a payment into a Wi-Py account (including their own) at a Zero-Fee via Mail-In Cheques, Bank Deposits or Interac E-Transfer service from certain banks (some banks charge Interac fees).
Avoid Withdrawal Fees!

Use your Wi-Py balance to make payments and donations to other Wi-Py users instead of taking out cash. Withdrawal is something that only Merchants and Sellers should use, because they receive more cash than they spend.

If you wish to close the account, consider donating your end balance to a charity. We will soon offer utility and tax bill payments inside Wi-Py, so you will be able to use every penny you have, at Zero-Fee!